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ChassisSim goes online

onlinesim title shortDo you really want to know what makes your racecar work? Do you want a professional tool so you can explore all scenarios so that you can be prepared for the race weekend? If so then ChassisSim Professional Online is the product for you.

With ChassisSim Professional Online you get access to the transient simulation tools that are used by race engineering professionals. You can predict lap times, generate your own track maps including bump profiles and use the tyre force modelling toolbox to truly understand what your tyres are doing.

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CGS2 Moto Flat Shift KIts from SP Electronics

MotoX Toe PegThe CGS2 (Cluthchless Gear Shift) is a break through in gear shift systems combing light weight and rugged construction with an easy to use control box that gets you running in minutes. Now the CGS2 is available for battery-less igntiion systems allowing it to be used on dirt bikes of all makes and models.


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M197 Ducati Replacement ECU

M197 001The M197 is a must have for anyone who's serious about Ducati performance. With mayfeatures that even big name aftermarket ECU's don't have, this is the easiest plug and play ECU on the market with a full range of maps to suit late model Ducatis.



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Wintax 4 for 2014

Wintax4 2012 PRO 001We've been using Wintax 4 since it first made an appearance nearly a decade ago and it just keeps getting better. Now with even more features and the added innovation of The Lap Time Club, Wintax4 brings a refreshingly open attitude to motorsport software.


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Race Keeper On Board Video Data Systems

Race-Keeper is a video data system which combines the power of stunning video with automatically synced data in one easy-to-use video data system. Race-Keeper is available in different kits: Race-Keeper HE (Harsh Environment), Race-Keeper Black (slimline aluminum), and Race-Keeper HDX2, the world's first and only multi-camera HD 1080p video data logger.

Coupled with Race-Keeper Comparo side-by-side analysis software and predictive timing in-car dash display, Race-Keeper is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tool available for racers of all stages of development, from track day enthusiast to professional teams.


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